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Stainless Steel

Das Hauptsortiment von LUAMAYA besteht aus Stainless Steel, oder zu deutsch: Edelstahl.

Wenn du unseren Schmuck in der Farbe "Silber" kaufst, erhältst du 316L Edelstahl, ohne Veredelung.

Unsere Schmuckstücke in den Farben "Gold" und "Roségold" sind weiterverarbeitet und werden, nachdem die Produktion abgeschlossen ist, mit einer Legierung veredelt. Dabei arbeiten wir mit 14-karätigen Vergoldungen bzw. Rosévergoldungen.

Stainless Steel hält als Material in der Schmuckwelt so einige Vorteile bereit: es ist
wasserfest und rostfrei, hypoallergen und verträglich, easy zu pflegen und ein
verhältnismäßig sehr robustes und langlebiges Material, was sich außerdem
wunderbar recyceln lässt.


The 316L stainless steel we use, also known as surgical steel, is the perfect choice to guarantee long-lasting enjoyment as the composition is corrosion-resistant, meaning it will not rust and is waterproof. It also contains only bound nickel ions, which is why it is hypoallergenic. Allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin can easily wear our jewelry.


Stainless Steel ist die perfekte Wahl, um langanhaltende Freude zu garantieren, da die Zusammensetzung des Edelstahls korrosionsbeständig ist, also nicht rostend und wasserfest. Du kannst deine Luamaya Pieces also problemlos beim Duschen anlassen.


Compared to other metals such as sterling silver, stainless steel is much more solid, which guarantees greater resilience in everyday life. No bending, no breaking! The resulting long service life can certainly be viewed as positive in terms of sustainability. On top of that. Even if a piece of jewelery has had its day, it will not disappear forever. Stainless steel can easily be recycled. Without loss of quality and value!


If you buy our jewelery in the color “silver”, you will receive 316L stainless steel without any refinement. Our pieces of jewelery in the color “gold” and “rose gold” are processed further and are refined with an alloy after production is complete. We work with 18-carat gold plating or rose gold plating.


You can clean your jewelry with mild soap or warm water. Then you should dry the jewelry completely with a soft cloth and only then put it back in the packaging or jewelry storage. Showering is not a problem, but we recommend that you avoid contact with chlorine or salt water if you want to enjoy your jewelry for as long as possible. You should also take off your jewelry before exercising and avoid direct contact with body lotion, hairspray or perfume.

If something should happen to your jewelry, you can of course contact us at any time. We are glad to help you!