What does LUAMAYA stand for?

Sassy and classy. Chunky and discreet. Statement piece and basic all-rounder. Luamaya is difficult to describe in just a few words, because our team always has one mission in mind: jewelry for everyone that makes their eyes sparkle. This is exactly why our collections are so diverse. But enough chatter: let's just ask the women who cherish and care for Luamaya what they associate with our brand.

Hannah, photographer and designer

“As a Luamaya photographer, I have already photographed the jewelry on a wide variety of personalities and I am always amazed at how our jewelry makes them all shine in their own way. For me, Luamaya stands for self-confidence, versatility and joie de vivre. Every shoot is an experience in itself where I meet new, wonderful people.”

Lara, Product Design & Purchase Management

Leonie, Creative Assistant & Product Design

“Versatility, empowerment, trends. For me, Luamaya means being able to develop freely. I really enjoy combining the pieces of jewelry with each other every day and creating new styles over and over again. I associate Luamaya not only with the jewelry but also with the great team behind it, which makes Luamaya what it is.”