What does LUAMAYA stand for?

Luamaya is a young brand with lovingly crafted, diverse jewelry pieces, ranging from discreet basic all-rounders to chunky statement pieces. Our team always follows the mission: there should be something guaranteed for everyone with us! But enough talk: let's just ask the people who cherish and care for Luamaya what they associate with our brand.

Hannah, photographer

"As a photographer for Luamaya, I have photographed our jewelry on various people and I am always amazed at how our jewelry brings out their unique radiance in their own way. For me, Luamaya stands for self-confidence, versatility, and joy of life. Every photo shoot is an experience in itself where I meet new, wonderful people."

"With Luamaya, as a designer of the jewelry pieces, I associate a lot of passion and attention to detail. There is something for absolutely everyone. I would say Luamaya is absolutely versatile and never boring. I see it as my personal mission to allow our customers to express more of their personalities through our jewelry pieces and thus shine even more in everyday life or on special occasions."

Emre, videographer

"Luamaya provides me with the opportunity not only to express and develop myself in my passion as a videographer but also as a person. With each shoot, I encounter new personalities and draw inspiration from them and our collaboration. I especially enjoy aesthetically showcasing the jewelry in motion, making it more tangible for our customers. Every new collection is diverse and challenges me in my work and my personal commitment to continuously improve."

Annina, product photographer and designer

"Versatility, empowerment, trends. For me, Luamaya means being able to unfold freely. I really enjoy combining the jewelry pieces with each other every day and creating new styles over and over again. With Luamaya, I not only associate the jewelry but also the great team behind it, which makes Luamaya what it is."


We are a young and vibrant company based in Mainz. We prioritize themes such as diversity and openness. It is very important to us that all our employees are happy and enjoy coming to work. This naturally includes a modern corporate culture:

Home office? No problem at all! Flexible working hours? Always! Having an open ear for each other even after work hours and spending time together? Absolutely yes! Vegan banana bread just because? Of course! Free drinks? Help yourself at the office fridge! Office parties? YES, YES, YES!

Have we piqued your curiosity? Would you like to learn more about us or even have an interest in joining our team? Then get more information through our career portal!